KAISA VILLA was established in China and began to sell self-developed kitchenware products mainly sold to developed countries in Europe


KAISAVILLA has achieved a good reputation in 15 European countries, European sales reached 200 million US dollars


KAISA VILLA kitchen utensils begain to officially debut in the Philippines. Offline and online are combined. Offline has been settled in hypermarkets. Online has settled in FB and LAZADA


KAISA VILLA kitchenware officialy settled in Shopee


KAISA VILLA officialy develops small home appliances


KAISA VILLA kitchenware and small home appliances have mor than 3000 physical stores in the Philippines and their reputation and quality have benn recognized and loved by customers

Look to the Future

KAISA VILLA brand products have a good reputation and high popularity in the Philippines market. We will make persistent efforts and insist on creating high-quality of products as basis and customer centric. Let customers always enjoy but happily and use them satisfactorily.